Japan-Spain Business Circle

The Japan-Spain Business Circle [Círculo Empresarial Japón España (CEJE)] is the Association that includes Japanese companies established in Spain, as well as   Spanish companies with interests in Japan, and that arise from the Shacho Kai Barcelona transformation, due to its desire to expand its scope of activity.


The fundamental mission of the Association includes  the desire to spread  Japanese business culture.


The Japan-Spain Business Circle's main objective is to establish synergies and create a hub of initiatives, resources, and relations between Japanese businesses established in Spain with public,  social, and communications institutions, as well as with Spanish companies with interests in Japan and public and private institutions in Japan, while also promoting contact between both corporative collectives and the diffusion of their business cultures.


This objective is articulated by establishing stable means of communication that permit exchange of perceptions, points of view, and approaches to commercial relations, but also knowledge and gap-narrowing between both cultures in cultural and social development. Through these activities we can create an environment for relationships and exchanges that is an authentic, and dynamic, networking platform serving the interests of its members. 



Latest News

  • Successful Opening Gala of the Japan-Spain Business Circle



    On October 25, the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE) brought together nearly 130 representatives of companies and institutions in the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAD) to celebrate the Opening Gala of the institution. The event served to showcase the excellent day-to-day work carried out by CEJE, to emphasize the importance of creating and promoting economic and cultural links between Japanese and Spanish companies, as well as to draw the two entrepreneurial cultures closer together, both...

  • CEJE meets with Iberia to discuss the new direct route between Tokyo and Madrid


    On September 22, the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE) visited the Spanish airline’s technical facilities and then  met in Madrid with   IBERIA  executives with the aim of creating the new direct route between the Spanish capital and Tokyo.
    The CEJE delegation consisted of President Jorge Lasheras, Vice President Juan Corominas, and association members David Correa, Eduardo Vila and Koji Saito.

  • Success at the round table discussion on “Japan: An attractive market”


    The Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE) and Foment del Treball [Job Development Organization] held a round table discussion on September 29 on the topic of “Japan: An attractive market.” The event unveiled the various forms of support offered to address entry into the Japanese market, through the practical experiences of several prestigious companies.

  • Message from the Japanese government addressing Great Britain and the European Union about Brexit


    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan published a message on its web page  that the Japanese government sent to Great Britain and the European Union after a Task Force from the Japanese Government Cabinet studied the impact that Brexit may have on Japanese companies.
    See the full message here.

  • Jorge Lasheras receives the 2016 Prize from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan



    The Japanese government has awarded this distinction to the current President of the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE) in recognition of his defining contribution to the promotion of mutual understanding between Spain and Japan.

SHACHO KAI Japanese Enterprise Association is a not-for-profit organization that encompasses the non-Japanese leaders and presidents of Japanese enterprises with headquarters in Catalonia, the Valencian Community, and the Balearic Islands.
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