Japan-Spain Business Circle

The Japan-Spain Business Circle [Círculo Empresarial Japón España (CEJE)] is the Association that includes Japanese companies established in Spain, as well as   Spanish companies with interests in Japan, and that arise from the Shacho Kai Barcelona transformation, due to its desire to expand its scope of activity.


The fundamental mission of the Association includes  the desire to spread  Japanese business culture.


The Japan-Spain Business Circle's main objective is to establish synergies and create a hub of initiatives, resources, and relations between Japanese businesses established in Spain with public,  social, and communications institutions, as well as with Spanish companies with interests in Japan and public and private institutions in Japan, while also promoting contact between both corporative collectives and the diffusion of their business cultures.


This objective is articulated by establishing stable means of communication that permit exchange of perceptions, points of view, and approaches to commercial relations, but also knowledge and gap-narrowing between both cultures in cultural and social development. Through these activities we can create an environment for relationships and exchanges that is an authentic, and dynamic, networking platform serving the interests of its members. 




Latest News

  • The Consulate of Japan in Barcelona highlights the growing business relationship between Japan and Spain


    The Consulate of Japan in Barcelona held a social event this week for the Japanese and Spanish business community in Barcelona to emphasize the importance of internationalization of Japanese companies and the relevance of strengthening their investments in Spain.
    This reception, which was held in the Official Residence of the Consul of Japan in Barcelona with the support of Marca España, was organized by the luxury business club Elite Spain and the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE).

  • Jorge Lasheras, President of CEJE, discusses the business relationships between Japan and Spain in ABC Empresa


    Following the State visit of the King and Queen of Spain to Japan, the media has brought up the socioeconomic relationships between the two countries. Along these lines, the supplement ABC Empresa interviewed Jorge Lasheras, President of CEJE, to assess the challenges and opportunities that arise from Japan-Spain business relationships.
    Lasheras stressed the perseverance necessary to export or invest in Japan. The president of CEJE points out that the Japanese have a “very different business...

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    Marcos Lamelas discusses the current political and economic scene in Catalonia with the members of CEJE


    On March 20 of this year, Marcos Lamelas, the Catalonia Economics editor for El Confidencial, delivered an address about ‘The Current Political and Economic State of Catalonia’ to the members of the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE). Following some introductory comments, those in attendance were able to share their questions with the economic journalist and engage in a discussion of matters of interest and concern.

  • CEJE signs a collaboration agreement with the IQS Business Foundation


    The IQS Business Foundation  has included as a new member the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE), an association that includes Japanese companies doing business in Spain as well as  Spanish companies with interests in Japan. The essential mission of the association includes a strong  interest in spreading  Japanese business culture. The collaboration agreement was made formal at an institutional event held on Tuesday,  March 7...

  • Jorge Lasheras, president of CEJE, expresses his views to El Confidencial on the State visit to Japan to be made by the King and Queen.


    The digital journal El Confidencial interviewed Jorge Lasheras, president of the Japan-Spain Business Circle, to learn his opinion regarding the  State visit that the King and Queen will make to Japan, as well as the importance of this visit for the future of economic relations between the countries.. 
    In the article, Jorge Lashers stresses  the "excellent image" enjoyed by the Spanish royal house in Japan and among Japan’s Imperial Family, a factor which he believes will be decisive in...

SHACHO KAI Japanese Enterprise Association is a not-for-profit organization that encompasses the non-Japanese leaders and presidents of Japanese enterprises with headquarters in Catalonia, the Valencian Community, and the Balearic Islands.
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