The Consulate of Japan in Barcelona highlights the growing business relationship between Japan and Spain

May 2, 2017



The Consulate of Japan in Barcelona held a social event this week for the Japanese and Spanish business community in Barcelona to emphasize the importance of internationalization of Japanese companies and the relevance of strengthening their investments in Spain.

This reception, which was held in the Official Residence of the Consul of Japan in Barcelona with the support of Marca España, was organized by the luxury business club Elite Spain and the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE).

The meeting was presided over by Mr. Naohito Watanabe, General Consul of Japan, and attended by representatives of various Japanese institutions, as well as managers of national and international companies tied to the luxury industry looking to strengthen and create new shared business relationships.

Mr. Naohito Watanabe emphasized the growing business relationship between Japan and Spain, noting that “there is a Japanese boom in Barcelona: a boom in Japanese cuisine, manga and anime, Japanese language, architecture, film, and literature. There are currently 179 Japanese companies in Catalonia and 68 Spanish companies in Japan.  And this number is increasing.”

Jorge Lasheras, President of CEJE, noted the importance of continuing to develop sociocultural and business relationships between Japan and Spain. According to Lasheras, it is important to take advantage of “the opportunities that arise from the collaboration between the two countries since, despite the perseverance required to enter the Japanese market, it is worth it as the Asian country is a strategic market, and the country’s business philosophy is a model in terms of efficiency, quality, and production.”

The director of Elite Spain, Sandra Andújar, also spoke at the reception about the statistical and economic data that unites these two communities. “The Japanese economy is third in the world. Interest in these bilateral relationships between Spain and Japan has increased considerably in recent years, and in 2015, 457 million was invested in Spain, and currently more than 200 subsidiaries of large Japanese companies are located in the national territory,” said Andújar.

On April 4, the official visit of the King of Spain to Japan emphasized the significant links between both communities during the 26th Bilateral Committee meeting for Japan-Spain Business Cooperation. Japan is not only 14th among Spain’s major investors, but Japanese exports are increasing every quarter.

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