CEJE takes part in the 19th annual Spain Japan Forum in Málaga

October 21, 2017



On October 19th of this year, The Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE) took part in the 19th annual Spain Japan Forum, organized by the Spain-Japan Council Forum in Málaga. Attended by more than 120 business representatives and government officials from both countries, the event focused on dialogue between Spain and Japan regarding globalization and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, two of the major forces that will determine our future on a global level. These central themes gave rise to discussions of some of the major questions posed by society as it moves into the future, such as the economic and social consequences of the creation of smart companies and factories.


Also discussed were the benefits of the birth of so-called “smart cities”, the privacy risks of increasing digitization of information, and the new challenges that the adoption of artificial intelligence represents for employment.


The forum held an inauguration ceremony that was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ildefonso Castro; the Chairman of the Spain Japan Council Foundation, Josep Piqué; the President of the Japanese Chapter of the Forum, Shinichi Yokoyama; the mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre; and the President of the Provincial Council, Elías Bendodo.


Representing CEJE were Jorge Lasheras, Chairman; David Correa, member of the board of directors and regional director of Takenaka; and Albert Garrofé, a partner in the Barcelona office of Cuatrecasas.

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