CEJE holds a lunch/colloquium with the Secretary of State for Budgeting and Expenses, to discuss Spain’s economic future and the influence of its political situation

January 15, 2018



On 15 January 2018, CEJE held a luncheon/colloquium with the Secretary of State for Budgeting and Expenses, Mr. Alberto Nadal Belda, to discuss the subject “Spain 2018: Policy and Economy”.


The meeting, which was attended by nearly 30 business people representing Japanese companies, and Spanish companies with an interest in Japan, was an excellent opportunity to meet personally with a representative of the Spanish Government to learn about the ability of the country’s rule of law to maintain legal security throughout the nation, as well as to ensure the continuity of the single market, as evidence that Spain continues to be an attractive country for Japanese investment and for the development of good business relationships.


During the colloquium, Nadal reviewed Spain’s major economic indicators in recent years, comparing them to those of other European countries with respect to the progress of recovery from the economic crisis. In addition, he discussed the current state of economic growth and the possible effects on that growth of the various political scenarios that might be faced in 2018. 

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