Japan’s Consul General enters the Royal European Academy of Doctors.

May 17, 2018



CEJE accompanies the Honorable Mr. Naohito Watanabe as he is received as the academician of honor in a ceremony held at the Fomento del Trabajo Nacional (National Employment Promotion) center in Barcelona.

Consul General of Japan in Barcelona, the Honorable Mr. Naohito Watanabe, was received as the academician of honor at the Royal European Academy of Doctors (RAED) in a ceremony held on May 15 of this year, in the auditorium of the Fomento del Trabajo Nacional, in Barcelona.

During the ceremony, Watanabe read his admission speech, entitled “Rubén Darío, Japan, and Japonism”, in which he demonstrated his formidable command of the Spanish language, as well as extensive knowledge of the work of Darío, a result of his having translated his most important works into Japanese. In addition to being a outstanding diplomat, the new academician demonstrated his experience as a writer, intellectual, and poet. Josep Maria Bové, a full academy member of RAED and Honorary Consul General of Austria, offered a response on behalf of the organization.

Members of the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE) were also in attendance to honor the Consul General of Japan, the Honorable Mr. Naohito Watanabe, on this very special occasion. The event was attended by representatives of Casa Asia (Asia House), Takenaka, Nikken Sekkei and Tokio Marine Kiln, among others.

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