CEJE awards Fujifilm and Uriach for promoting innovation and technology in their business models

December 17, 2018



Last Wednesday, 12 December , Fujifilm and Uriach received the 3rd Keicho Awards for Innovation and Technology on behalf of the Japan-Spain Business Circle (CEJE), at a business event organised jointly with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. These awards recognize two companies, one Japanese and one Spanish, that promote innovation and technology in their sectors and contribute to business development between Japan and Spain.

CEJE chose Fujifilm as the most outstanding Japanese company for its commitment to technology and innovation and for the impact it has had in Spain. Currently, the company operates in sectors as diverse as healthcare, regenerative medicine, renewable energy, the environment and cosmetics. It has invested heavily in R&D and capitalises on its advanced technologies from the world of photography and images.

CEJE also chose Uriach as the most outstanding Spanish company for its innovative effort and the impact it has had in Japan. In 2017, the pharmaceutical company began marketing one of its most emblematic products, Rupatadina, in Japan. This advance has marked a milestone in the history of the company as it enters mightily into the Japanese market. Currently, the company markets its products in more than 70 countries in the major regions of the world.

During the presentation of the awards, Jorge Lasheras, Chairman of CEJE, highlighted that both companies "perfectly represent the spirit of the Keicho Awards for their determination and effort to innovate and grow, integrating technology into their business model”.

The Managing Director of Research, Development and Innovation, Teresa Riesgo, of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities; and the Minister of the Japanese Embassy in Spain, Toru Shimuzu; presented the awards alongside the Chairman of CEJE, Jorge Lasheras, and the Vice-President of the Chamber of Madrid, Augusto Castañeda, during the business meeting “Spain, Japan and Technology”. The event brought together a hundred representatives from leading Japanese and Spanish institutions and corporations at the Palace of Santoña in Madrid.

The third edition of the Keicho Awards was held in the context of the 150th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic and Trade Relations between Japan and Spain, which came into effect with the signing of the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between both countries on 12 November 1968.

The event also featured a round table on “Digitalisation and Business", where various experts from the business world such as: Javier Rodríguez Molowny, partner responsible for everis in Madrid; David Cuesta, Managing Director of NTT Communications; and Jacobo Varela, Customer Service & Delivery Director of Ricoh Spain & Portugal analysed the impact of digitalisation on Japanese and Spanish companies, as well as Japan's leadership in the field of new technologies. The round table was moderated by Fernando Maldonado, Principal Analyst of IDG Research.

Jorge Lasheras, Chairman of CEJE, stressed that "this meeting is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of digitalisation in companies, and the role that Japanese companies are playing, in order to follow the technological train in which the whole of society is immersed."

After the event, attendees had the opportunity to mix with the award winners, speakers and authorities during a cocktail hour that combined Japanese and Spanish culinary culture and allowed the different companies to network and share knowledge.

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The Japan-Spain Business Circle [Círculo Empresarial Japón España (CEJE)] is the Association that includes Japanese companies established in Spain, as well as Spanish companies with interests in Japan, and that arise from the Shacho Kai Barcelona transformation, due to its desire to expand its scope of activity. The fundamental mission of the Association includes the desire to spread Japanese business culture.
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