UBE Corporation Europe

Business name (corporate name):

UBE Corporation Europe, S.A.U.


Japanese parent company:

UBE Industries, Ltd.


Brands marketed by the company (where applicable):



Business sector:



Business activity:

UBE Corporation Europe, S.A.U. has been, since 1992, the subsidiary of UBE Industries, Ltd. for Europe and Latin America. The head office is in Castellón, with offices in Madrid, Dusseldorf, São Paulo and Mexico City. The company’s business activities include the manufacture and marketing of materials for polymers,  fertilizers, fine chemicals,   polyamides for food packaging and automobile industry applications, as well as other specialized materials and machinery.


The group’s core policies are product and manufacturing technology innovation, along with a commitment to sustainability.

Address Polígono El Serrallo s/n
City Castellón
Province/State Castellón
Postal Code 12100
Phone 964738000
Fax 964738180
Email recepcionista@ube.es
Website www.ube.es

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